Immersing in amazing pools in Thailand


Thailand is considered as the jade of Southeast Asia with numerous breathtaking landscapes. Besides unique temples and gorgeous beaches, exploring pools is also an amazing experience that you should not miss when travelling to Thailand. Hot Spring, Emerald pool and Blue pool are outstanding green pools that are hidden in the deep forests in Krabi. These pools are not only majestic but also own the mineral water which is good for our health.

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Swimming, riding elephants and visiting Tiger temple

These natural pools are located deeply in the Khlong Thom primary forest in Krabi. This tourist area is about 60 kilometres from Krabi centre. You can hire a motorbike for 200 bahts to get there and 20 bahts for the parking.

If you don’t know how to get there, you can purchase half day tour or the full day tour from the travel agency around the town with the cost ranging from 600 bahts to 1000 bahts. You will be pick up and take part in some activities such as having lunch, bathing in Hot Spring, Emerald pool, Blue pool, visiting the Tiger temple and riding elephants.

If you purchase the full day tour, you can participate in plenty of activities but time is short and you cannot explore the beauty of this place. Visiting the Tiger temple is only suitable for those who are in good health because you are required to climb much. The riding elephant activity is just taken place in the garden, so it doesn’t bring the feeling of adventure.

You can spend the whole day in Hot Spring, Emerald pool and Blue pool. The scenery here is so fairy. You can have a relaxing time when immersing in the Hot Spring and the cool water of Emerald pool.

Emerald Pool (via backpackerlee.wordpress)

Experience the beauty of the “fairy pool”

Before coming to Emerald pool and Blue pool, you should drop by Hot Spring to immerse yourself in the natural hot spring in the rainforest. The temperature of the pool ranges from 35-40 degree. It is famous for the natural mineral water which can cure diseases such as rheumatism and sciatica.
You should swim in only 10-20 minutes.

After relaxing in Hot Spring, you can move to Emerald pool and Blue pool area several kilometres away. From the parking area, you walk about 1,5 kilometres along a trail through the forest to reach Emerald pool. It is a natural pool surrounded by stone, located in the Khao Phra Bang Khram natural conservation.

The green pool can cool you in the hot weather. The pool water originates in an underground stream of Khao Nor Juji. Minerals in the water are very good for health. In Emerald pool, you can swim with fish and let water massage you.

But don’t let the Emerald Pool enchant to forget to go upstream with the most beautiful jewel of the forest – Blue pool. The Blue Pool is hidden deeply in the forest. From Emerald pool, you just need to walk about 400 meters along the trail to get to Blue Pool. You are not allowed to swim here because this pool is very deep and has a lot of dangers.

The colour of the Blue Pool makes this place mysterious and attractive. The Blue Pool is closed from May to November to conserve birds. Thai people focus on tourism but they always put the nature conservation first.

The Blue Pool in Krabi (via panoramio)

What you need to know

How to get there

Krabi is about 850 kilometres from Bangkok. To get to Krabi, you can take the flight from Hanoi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh City to Don Mueang airport (Bangkok) then take another flight to Krabi international airport. The ticket price from Bangkok to Krabi ranges from 1000 – 1500 baht. You can also travel by bus or taxi to Krabi. It takes about 12 hours to travel from Bangkok to Krabi for 700 bahts.

In Krabi airport, there are ticket counters for bus, taxi, tuk-tuk and songthaew. You only need to let them know your hotel address. You can bargain when you buy the ticket. It takes about 30 minutes to travel from the airport to Ao Nang for 150 bahts.

Hire motorbike

You need the passport to hire the motorbike. The hiring cost ranges from 150 bahts to 200 bahts.


Two main hotel areas that you can stay are Krabi Town and Ao Nang Beach. Krabi Town is the centre of Krabi, so it’s more crowded than Ao Nang. The western street in Ao Nang has a very bustling night market.

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