Explore Chanthaburi in two days


Chanthaburi is not only a place to exploit and produce famous gems of Thailand but also to charm tourists due to the beauty and hospitality of local people. There are a lot of interesting things to do and see when visiting here.

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The first day in Chanthaburi

Visit the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

The Cathedral located in Chantanimit Street was built in the Gothic architecture of France in 1711, undergoing five repairs and rebuilding in 1909.

The church’s ceilings are a bit unique. The structure is similar to a boat that capsizes because the builders of earlier times wanted to commemorate the first lambs to Chanthaburi by sea.

Next to the typical decorations of a Catholic church, there is also a statue of the Virgin Mary which is 120 centimetre heigh, 7.7-kilogram weight and is stuck 100 precious stones. Tourists can visit from 8:30 to 16:30 daily.

Visit the gem area

Thanon Anyamani, Si Chan and Soi Krachang roads are the largest gem markets in Chanthaburi. Visitors can buy the gems at the affordable price. Many eye-catching gems are sold at Chanthaburi gem centre.

If you come here at the weekend, you can take part in the market fair from 10 am to 3 pm.

After walking around the city, I finally found the busy gems trading centre of Chanthaburi. It is not difficult to recognize because behind glass windows are rows of semi-sparkling jewels. After each door is a world of precious jades, from the bustling stalls of raw stone products to the manufacturing area, display areas, discounted sales area. In the quiet corner, a technician is carefully checking each gemstone. This is an important task that requires knowledge, experience and precision of the worker.

Gem market in Chanthaburi (via takemytour)

Each building takes you a few hours to explore. Prices range from a few dozen bath to thousands bath each.

Next to the buildings is a market dedicated to gems. I parked the car outside the market and walked into the mall. At the side, a lot of people were carrying bags of hundreds of large stones finding the place to sell. All counters are purchased on the sidewalk. People pour gem on the table, count the number, weigh up and buy. The purchasing is fast and the items are sold by weight. The roughly-traded stones will be undergone a thorough examination to pick out the better ones, sorted and manipulated into elaborate products.

Parallel to the rough stone table is the array of stone on the sidewalk, spreading on the canvas. Curiously, I sat down beside a booth. I do not understand much about gem. The gems from rough are honed through the filling on the stall. The tiny diamonds make up the ring face, the fairy hair with its fragile hair and numerous beautiful blue stones. The sellers enthusiastically offered the tourists. In the afternoon, the market is more crowded. From 8 am to 9 pm night, gemstone markets are uninterrupted with people coming to buy. From here, gems will be transported and sold throughout Thailand.

Explore Chanthaboon ancient town

The community here includes Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese, so culture, architecture and cuisine are harmonious. Guests are immersed in a slow pace of life, meet friendly locals and enjoy the old urban space and modern art.

If you want to learn about the history and life of the people or ask for travel information, you can go to the Community Learning House, located right in the old town. Besides displaying paintings and ancient artefacts of the locality, this place also sells some handicraft products for tourists.

Cathedral of the Immaculate (via wikipedia)

Stay at  Maneechan resort

In the evening, you can experience services and facilities in Maneechan such as massage, gym and swimming pool.

The second day in Chanthaburi

Visit Ao Khung Kraben Royal  Research and Development Center

Ao Khung Kraben is a research centre but it offers a lot of interesting activities such as kayaking, camping, planting trees and learning about sea creatures. This place receives over 700.000 tourists every year.

Admire the beach in Chanthaburi

On the way to Chaloem Burapha Chonlathit, you should stop to admire the beach in Neon Nangphaya. This place owns one of the most beautiful views in Thailand and it is also dubbed as the dream destination.thaitha

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