Experience Chiang Mai in an interesting way (Part 1)


Dubbed as the Rose of North Thailand, Chiang Mai is an attractive destination for tourists. Coming here, you have the chance to admire the tourist attractions and explore the distinctive culture of this land.

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Temples in Chiang Mai

The journey to the ancient Chiang Rai promises to bring you interesting things about nature, culture and people of Thailand. From the first glimpse of the magnificent Wat Rong Khun, the mysterious stories revolve around the majestic Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia, or the natural simplicity of nature in the life of mountainous people in Thailand will definitely become the unforgettable memories on your holiday.

What you can expect

Visit the White Temple Wat Rong Khun

Wat Rong Khun is one of the unique temples in Thailand. The temple attracts visitors because of not only its white colour but also its unique architecture. Be ready to get lost in the paradise of light, good direction and elaborate carvings on works such as Samsara bridge, the gate of heaven and the images in the main temple of White Wat Wat Rong Khun.

Explore the famous Golden Triangle with mysterious stories

And if the lines of the White Temple show you the beauty created by human combined with religion and architecture, continue the journey to the wild beauty of nature. The Golden Triangle with the reputation of the death house will now welcome you to the serenity and the clear of the peaceful forest. Although the past of this area was mysterious and dark, everything now is just an ecotourism for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of life.

Explore Mae Sai Market

The journey also brings you to the famous border market in Mae Sai where you can buy everything, especially gem. Nestled in the bank of Mekong River, the peaceful life here will hold you back.

The White Temple in Chiang Mai (via travelhdwallpapers)

Aroy Aroy Thai Cooking Class

Aroy Aroy Chiang Mai Thai Cooking School is the place to put Thai cooking methods to a new level. The school offers a basic experience for those who want to learn Thai cooking. Also at this class, Aroy Aroy Thai Cooking School will bring you the recipe and guide to prepare authentic standard dishes.

Aroy Aroy Thai Cooking School is the first cooking school in Chiang Mai. You will learn how to make pad Thai, khao soi and green curry combining to learning about the history, culture and the usage of kitchen items in the bustling Chiang Mai markets.

The impressive space

The classrooms in Aroy Aroy school are pretty houses designed in Thai Lanna style in an opening space with mountains, trees and flowers.

The duty of Aroy Aroy Thai Cooking School is to bring interesting classes and the basic knowledge about Thai dishes under the guidance of experts. Cooking class only last about 4-5 hours so you still have time to visit other destinations.

How to get there

Aroy Aroy Thai Cooking School is situated on the first floor of The River Market on Ping River, next to Iron Bridge. From there, you can walk to most of the big hotels in Chiang Mai centre.

Cooking class (via chiangmaicitylife)

Khantoke dinning at Khum Khantoke Chiang Mai

If you are into food and want to experience the cuisine all over the world, you should not miss the dinner at Khum Khantoke – an attractive destination in Chiang Mai. You will enjoy a traditional meal of North Thailand with delicious dishes in a cosy atmosphere with art performances and folk dancings. Khantoke Dinner ensures to bring you relaxing moments and wonderful evening.

What you can expect

The perfect mix of dishes

There are many interesting points presenting in a true Khantoke meal, from the exquisite cuisine on the roundabouts to the way to enjoy and the mix of flavours. The aroma of sticky rice mixed with the taste of Chiang Mai cuisine gives your taste buds a perfect taste. This is the feeling that anyone ever felt the same.

Enjoy special traditional Thai dancings

In the midst of the banquet, an orchestra of graceful dancers will bring joy to you through the dances of Thai dancers, including Candles dance, Drums dance, Sword dance and Tribal Dance. The dances were born in the imperial palace. Nowadays, the dancers perform spectacularly, exudes a noble, solemn and also creates a warm and fun space for all people. The dances are not just the body movements, but also the love of the Thai people, the “host” sends to the guests. This is also an opportunity for you to better understand the people and culture of Thailand and open your eyes to the beautiful folk dance.


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