Amazing experiences in Hua Hin (Part 3)


Hua Hin is a great place to spend your holiday with plenty of activities to explore. If you get the opportunity to travel there, don’t miss these experiences to have memorable time with your family and friends.

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Airsoft training and games

This is a great place for you to experience shooting in Hua Hin with unforgettable time at Airsoft Training and Games. In the second part, you will be instructed how to use the gun correctly and take part in the activities.  You will be led up to the area equipped with walls, cells and obstacles where you have to fight under the pressure of time with family and friends. This will be an exciting experience for your holiday in Hua Hin.


–  Visit the shooting area in Hua Hin

–  Learn about safety regulation and how to use the gun

–  Take part in two interesting activities

The program is divided into two parts. This is the opportunity for you to get familiar with guns and experience this fascinating thing.

In the first part, you will be introduced a guide to safety and how to use the gun properly. Whether you’ve mastered it or just started exploring the shooting and the game, this is the basic part to keep yourself safe. The second part is when the game starts. You will be directed to visit the area where the game takes place. This place is equipped with walls, cells, obstacles like a real gunfight. This will be where you have to fight under the pressure of time with your teammates as family or friends. You have to shoot every target at any level.

All ages can take part in this game at Airsoft. Any participants are happy with the guide, so don’t miss this place when travelling to Hua Hin.

Santorini Water Park Hua Hin

Santorini Waterpark (via klook)

You’re in Hua Hin on your holiday and wondering what to do? You are an adventurous lover and want to take part in interesting activities with your family and friends? Let’s go to Santorini Water Park Hua Hin. Coming here, you have the chance to admire the natural beauty and participate in games that you have never experienced.


–  Conquer 12 adventurous international standard slides in the park.

–  Take part in King Cobra, Drop Screamer and Kamikaze – the three most adventurous slides at Santorini Waterpark

–  Relax on the lazy river and Wave Lagoon

–  Explore and take photos in green and white traditional Greek architecture

What you can expect

Explore Greece in Thailand

Santorini is the name of a city on the Mediterranean coast in Greece. The place is famous for its white buildings with green roofs, sun-filled spaces like heaven in myths. Inspired by it, Santorini Water Park was built to bring you moments of relaxation in the Greek atmosphere right in Thailand.

Spend time with family

Santorini Waterpark Hua Hin is a bustling entertaining area. This place is equipped with swings, water slides, artificial surfing area and playing ground for kids.

Conquer adventurous challenges

If you are an adventurous lover, three games that you cannot miss are King Cobra, Drop Screamer and Kamikaze. Each slide will be an unforgettable experience. Besides, more than 12 sliders of all sizes and shapes will surely add to your enjoyment and excitement during the Hua Hua tour.

Cycling around villages

Cycling around Hua Hin (via klook)

Discovering small fishing villages, coastal fields, or daily life in Hua Hin – a coastal city by bike is a fascinating experience. You not only visit the places on the journey but also be able to enjoy the fresh air. Away from the noisy neighbourhoods, sunbathing and breathing the sea breeze by cycling to Hua Hin is the activity that you should not miss.


–  Cycle and explore the daily life of Thai people

–  Visit the famous Monkey temple

–  Sunbath and relax at the beach, visit fields in Hua Hin

What you can expect

Hua Hin has been a less-known small village. After decades, this coastal city has changed into a bustling place where you can come to relax.

In this journey, you will go through in south Hua Hin with white sand beaches, temples and the local market. You will depart from Hua Hin harbour to Chat Chat – a local market with plenty of cheap goods such as clothes, seafood, fruits and vegetables. Then you will lead to Khao Thiab – a gorgeous place with beaches.

The Monkey temple is a must-see destination when coming to Hua Hin.  It was built of soil and stone. There are a lot of golden Buddha statues and monkeys in the area. That’s why this place is called the Monkey temple. Continuing cycling around Hua Hin, you will see farmers working in the fields, Muay Thai school and Hua Hin train station. The last destination is Khao Hin Lek Fai View Point where you’re served traditional Thai drink.
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