Amazing experiences in Hua Hin (Part 2)


With numerous of ineteresting things to do, Hua Hin, Thailand never disappoints any travellers coming to this coastal city. It always ensure to bring tourists the most fascinating experiences.

>> Amazing experiences in Hua Hin (Part 1)

Khao Sam Yot National Park

Coming to Sam Roi Yot National Park, you have the opportunity to admire the beauty of nature and this place as well. You will across a pineapple field and see fresh yellow pineapples. On the boat from Bang Pu beach to Laem Sa La beach, you will see a fishing village with the mysterious beauty. Coming here, you have to climb to Tham Phraya Cave to see the panorama view of beautiful Pavillion built by Rama King. The journey will bring you relaxing time at Sam Roi Yod National Park.


–  Enjoy the beauty of the national park, mountains, beaches and mangroves.

–  Visit Tham Phraya Cave and rest in the national park.

–  Sam Roi Yod is a primary mangrove forest located about 40 kilometres from the south of Hua Hin. It’s surrounded by majestic mountains. On the way to Sam Roi Yod, you will admire a pineapple field and enjoy delicious pineapples.

–  Continuing the journey, you will visit a marsh and coastal wildlife. This is an important breeding ground for some rare bird species. Along the trail, you will lead up the mountain to see the scenery of the national park from above.

–  Come to Tham Phraya Nakhon Cave, you have the opportunity to admire the panorama view of Pavillion built by the 5th Rama King. The trees inside the cave are developed thanks to the sun shining through a large hole in the roof of the cave. Lunch will be served when you come back the beach.

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Black Mountain Water Park

Black Mountain Water Park located about a 15-minute walk from Hua Hin centre is one of the most attractive destinations in the area. The park is equipped with high quality and protection standard facilities which can bring safety for visitors. This is an ideal place for family and friends.

What you can expect

Black Mountain Water Park with the area of 40 thousand meter squares is located a 15-minute walk from Hua Hin centre. Tourists and the locals left positive feedback after coming there.

The park offers a 17-meter work with 9 slides, the majestic artificial lake with the strongest waves in Thailand, lazy river and artificial sea which can bring you unforgettable experiences.

Coming here, all your tiredness will be wiped away thanks to interesting activities and modern equipment in the park. It’s difficult to find a modern entertaining place in the mountain area like Black Mountain.

Khannesha Gallery Hua Hin

Khanesha Gallery is home to many unique contemporary art works including both paintings and sculptures created by Rachan Saengthong  – the artist of the Art Association and who is a devotee of Ganesh.

The exhibition displays 100 art works of Rachan. This place gives chance for those who are into art to visit Ganesh on the paradise.

With his skillful hands, Rachan Seangthong reconstituted vividly and clearly the culture of the spiritual life of the Thai people in each picture.

The exhibition is held every day, so you should not miss it when travelling to Hua Hin, especially for art lovers.

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For Art Sake Hua Hin

If you’re looking for a destination with lively 3D and 4D pictures, don’t miss For Art Sake Hua Hin. Not only received the hospitality of the staffs, you also admire the pictures in the museum.


–  Visit the first 3D and 4D museum in Hua Hin

–  The ideal place for those who are interested in taking photos.

–  Suitable for all ages.

–  If you have ever been to Art in Paradise in Bangkok and were impressed by 3D art there, the For Art’s Sake also bring you the same featured art works that won’t disappoint you.

If you love to take photos, this is an ideal place to show your characteristics through pictures. Maybe you will transform into a celebrity standing in front of the Hollywood Hall with reporters surrounded. You may be a character in a play, either surfing the sea or facing danger in the ocean or wilderness. Each area has a separate theme for you to choose to express yourself. Each space has its own guide who will help you to interact more fully with the painting if you want. You may have interesting ways to create your own but the staff here will add interesting suggestions to your script idea. While watching pictures, you can learn about the culture, art and history of each picture.

For Art Sake is the ideal place for you and your family when visiting Hua Hin.


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