Guides when visiting Chiang Mai (Part 2)


Chiang Mai is one of the most attractive destinations in Thailand. It is called as “The pink rose of the north“. These are our guides to make your trip easier when you get the chance to travel to Chiang Mai.

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How to get to Chiang Mai

The traditional bus

From Bangkok to Chiang Mai

The air-conditioned first class, the second class and the normal one depart from the north Bangkok (Mo Chit 2) to Chiang Mai every day, from 8 am to 9 pm. Contact 02 936 3600, 02 936 2852, and 02 937 8055to get more information about bus schedule.

The buses will stop in every small town. The trip will take about 12 hours with the price of 200 bahts.

In addition, there is also a VIP car company, Nakhonchai Air Bus, with 21 and 32 seats. Buses run continuously. The chairs are wide and provide snacks. You can contact and consult at  It will take about 9 hours with the price of 550 bahts. Make sure you buy the right ticket for the company.

When you arrive in Chiang Mai, the car will take you to Arcade station. You can easily take to Songtheow waiting at No.3 station. You should ask the price before you get in the car. If you travel to Tha Phae Gate ( the south of the city), the price is about 30 bahts. You can walk to the close areas and take the Songtheow or tuk-tuk (if your luggage is neat). Remember to bargain the price.  

If you go in the group, you can rent the whole Songthoeow or tuk-tuk. The price ranges from 50-100 bahts, depending on destinations in the city. The maximum price is about 150 bahts for the farthest destination.

Tuk-tuk in Chiang Mai (via

Rent motorbike in Chiang Mai

Like other cities in Thailand, when renting a motorbike, you need to leave your Passport or you can make a photocopy of the Passport with a deposit of 3000-5000 baht. To rent a motorbike, you ask the motel where you live. It will be more convenient for you. The price ranges from 150 bahts to 200 bahts.

Traveling around Chiang Mai

You can use tuk-tuk – a very popular transport in Chiang Mai. The price of it depends on your bargaining ability. Or you can travel by motorbike. The price when renting a motorbike is about 200 bahts per day.

Where to stay in Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai, there are numerous cheap motels that are suitable for every tourist.  At night, the weather in Chiang Mai is cooler than one in Bangkok, so you may book the room with no air-conditioning. Some good hotels in Chiang Mai:

7 Century guest house

– Address: 270 Ratchaphakhinai

– Phone number: 66.53287541 or 66.814388175.

– You can check out at 12 pm. The room with two single beds is 150 bahts and the room with three beds is about 250 bahts. All rooms are featured water heater and free wifi.

B.R Hotel

– Address: Morakot Road

– Phone number: 66.53220061

– The hotel has the warm atmosphere which is designed in Thai style. The air-conditioned room is about 299 bahts featured with TV and a small balcony. It’s suitable for hot and wet days

Disadvantage: This hotel doesn’t offer Wifi. The nearest place to take Song thoew is near Kad Suan Kaew Mall, located about 1 kilometre from the hotel. However, if you travel by motorbike, it doesn’t a matter. The hotel near Hasadhisawee crossroads, where there are a lot of cheap food court in the evening. The staffs at the hotel don’t speak English well.

Resort in Chiang Mai (via

Bed and Terrace Guest House

– Address: No.10 Kotchasarn road

– Phone number: 66.53449708

– Email:

– This modern guesthouse is designed in Thai style with a rooftop. The rooms are quite airy with the mountain view. The price is about 450 bahts.

FWD House Hostel ( 10 single beds)

– Address: 78 Ratchamanka ( 4.3 kilometres from the airport, 4.5 kilometres from the train station and 5 kilometres from the bus station).

– Phone number: 66.826233349

– Advantage: just 10-minute walk from Chiang Mai’s temples and one minute walk from Sunday night market. The staffs here are friendly. The price is about 180 bahts. The hostel is often crowded at the peak seasons, so you should book the room in advance.


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