Guides for backpackers in Pai (Part 2)


Thailand is home to numerous breathtaking landscapes which attracts a lot of tourists coming there. One of the must-see destinations when traveling there is Pai. Pai is well-known for its unspoiled beauty. Coming here, you just need to rent a motorbike and travel around Pai in 15 kilometres.

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Two famous waterfalls in Pai are Pam Bok and Mo Paeng Pam Bok. Pam Bok is shaped as a pool filled with water from waterfalls.

On the way to Pam Bok waterfall, you should stop at a farm to enjoy fruits, drink wine and fruit juice. You can pay them as much as you want.

All waterfalls have been untouched and free for everyone. It’s a unique feature in Pai.


There are two hotsprings in Pai. One of them is Tha Pai hotspring – a very famous place and attracts a lot of visitors. To get into this hot spring, you have to pay 200 bahts per person.

Another hot spring is situated on the way to Mae Hong Son, about 10 kilometres from Pai. The entrance fee is 20 bahts per person and you will be charged an extra of 20 baths if you drive the motorbike in. This hot spring is quite deserted and the water is clear.

Waterfall in Pai (via thailandwanderer)

Grand Canyon Pai

If you have ever heard about the famous Grand Canyon in America, you will see another one in Pai even though it is less magnificent than Grand Canyon in America. It’s a destination you cannot miss in Pai. You don’t have to pay any fee to get there but it will be not free when it is exploited in tourism in the future.  The most beautiful moment in Canyon is the sunset.

Watching the panoramic view of Pai from high viewpoint

In Pai, there are some places where you can see the sunset and view of the town. The highest point is located about 10 kilometres from Pam Bok waterfall.

The second place is from Coffee in Love– a European style café with the beautiful view. It’s also an ideal place to take photos.

Explore caves in Pai

Located about 45 kilometres from Pai, there is a beautiful cave named Tham Lod. The road to get there is quite slippery. If you’re good at driving and want to save, you can rent a motorbike. Or you can buy a tour at travel agencies.

If you go with a group, you should travel there by taxi to save money.

To visit in the cave, you have to rent a bamboo raft at the price of 200 bahts.

There are also other caves but Tham Lod is the most beautiful one and worth to visit.

Tham Lod Cave (via gldmne)

Pang Ung Pool

Pang Ung Pool is in Mae Hong Son, about 147 kilometres from Pai. The most beautiful time of the pool is in the early morning when the fog appears. From October to November is the best time to watch flowers blooming around Pang Ung. You can bring food to camp near the pool like other locals here.

Trekking and crossing the waterfall

Pai is very popular with trekking tours, homestay at the village and crossing the waterfall. You can buy these tours from any agencies around Pai town.

Dining in Pai

Pai is a paradise for street food lovers. All are concentrated in a road. You can find any food here, from Thai food, Chinese food and Western food, especially the smoothie here is very delicious and cheap. This road seems to be an invisible connection among backpackers. They stay here at least 4 days and become familiar.

Nightlife in Pai

Although Pai is a small town, the night activities are not less bustling than other cities. The popular itinerary of backpackers:

They go to Sunset Bar or Yellow sun from 9 pm to 12 pm. These bars often play Reggae music and some games in the bat such as billard or shaking marbles. After 12 pm, they go to Don’t Cry Bar. This place is not too special. They just chat and make new friends.

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