Guides for backpackers in Pai (Part 1)


Pai is a very beautiful town which is located 130 kilometres to the north of Chiang Mai. Coming here, you will fall in love with it because of its beauty and romance. These are our guides for you to have a complete trip to Pai.

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The best time to visit Pai is from October to April. If you visit here at the time of Loy Krathong festival, you can also visit Chiang Mai

How to get to Pai


There is a direct flight to Pai but few visitors travel by this way because the Pai airport is small and the price is expensive. You should fly to Chiang Mai then take the bus to Pai for three hours.

Traveling from Chiang Mai to Pai is very easy. You can buy the bus ticket at any travel agencies or at the hotel you stay.

If the bus picks you up at the hotel, the ticket price is 160 bahts. The ticket price is 150 bahts if you buy at the bus station.

If you like traveling by motorbike, you should not miss the trail Chiang Mai – Pai. The scenery in the road will surprise you. The renting cost ranges from 100 to 160 bahts. The most reputable car rental company in Chiang Mai and Pai is Aya service. They also provide Chiangmai – Pai bus service.

Pai (via asiaplustravel)


You can take by bus to Chiang Mai then take another trip to Pai.


There is no direct train from Bangkok to Pai. You can only take the night train to Chiang Mai then take the earliest bus to Pai at 7.30.

Hotels in Pai


Coming to Pai, you should experience staying in beautiful bungalows along Pai River’s bank. The cost of a bungalow in the low season is about 200 bahts.

Family’s hut is the cheapest bungalow. The price is 200 bahts a room with two beds and inside toilet. At the high season, the price can be double or triple.

If you want to stay in the bungalow with beautiful view, you should choose Baan Riverside resort. The resort has space next to the river to relax with a large balcony. You can sit there to drink with your friends or watch the sunset. The resort also has the swing and pretty white chairs and tables. The room rate at the peak season is about 400 bahts which includes breakfast with grilled sandwich and tea. At the high season, the rate of a room with river view is about 1200 bahts.

Or you can refer the room on online website Agoda and

Bungalow in Pai (via awesomehome)


Dorm in Pai is various. The room rate ranges from 80 to 200 bahts at the peak season.

Three best dorms in Pai are Common Ground, Spicy Pai and Circus School.

Common Ground provides tourists with a spacious area to relax. If you travel alone, you should not miss this hostel. An advantage of Common Ground is that it’s located in the centre, in front of the bus station. It’s about one minute walk to 7eleven and food courts are around. The room rate is 200 bahts per night per person.

Spicy Pai is a very popular hostel in many famous tourist areas in Thailand, so its service is very good. The dorm area has a lot of bed and it’s a great place to make new friends. However, Spicy Pai is quite far from the centre, about 15-minute walk. The room rate is 150 bahts per night per person.

Circus School is located on a hill in another side of the river, an ideal place to watch the sunset. Not only being a hostel with many entertaining areas, Circus School is also the place to teach circus for tourists. Just spending  400-600bath, you can study basically circuses here. At the weekend Circus School usually organizes BBQ party, circus, fire dance that attracts a lot of young people to participate. The room rate in Circus School is 150 bahts per person.


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