The Skytrain System (BTS) in Bangkok


BTS is an elevated rapid transit system in Bangkok. It’s one of the most popular means of transportation in this city which help people travel more conveniently.

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How to get the BTS station from Suvarnabhumi airport

In Bangkok, there are two airports : Suvarnabhumi international airport and Don Muang Airport. From Vietnam, only Air Asia airline lands at the Don Muang airport. Other airlines such as Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, and Jetstar Pacific land at the Suvarnabhumi airport.

The international gate at Suvarnabhumi Airport is on the first floor. After entering, if you are hungry, you can go up to the second floor to fill your stomach with a variety of Thai, Japanese, Korean and Chinese dishes. However, the food here is very expensive.You can go down to the ground floor, at the 8th floor there is a popular Magic Food dining area with very reasonable price. Only locals and airport staffs know this area.

There is also the subway exit near the 8th door. You should pay attention to the plates hanging on the head, then go in that direction which plate Train City, to get to the ticketing center. You can buy tickets at automated machines or buy at the counter with staffs. You should buy tickets at City Line for a much cheaper price, and pick your destination to Ratchaprarop Station (in Pratunam area) or Phayatai Station for BTS to get to Central, Silom or Sukhumvit.

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The train tickets are plastic coins. You have to put this coin in the bulkhead of the automatic control door, then the door will ring and open for you. Remember to get back the coin before going offline. After passing the control door, you go straight down the underground stairs to board the train. Note do not squeeze when boarding, wait for other down and then in turn row up. There is a speaker with automatic notification in English on the train, you should pay attention to hear the station where you get off. After getting off the train, you have to use a coin inserted into the automatic control slot to get out the train station. Therefore, you need to keep this coin carefully.

How to get to Bangkok

The last station of City Line is Phaya Thai. You get off the train and follow the direction to Phaya Thai BTS station about 100m away. If you buy the ticket at the ticket machine, you have to pay by coin. If you do not have Thai coins, you can exchange coins in the cash register next to the ticket machine.

Before buying tickets at automatic ticket machines, you need to look at the price of the station you get off. For example, if the price is 25 Baht, you press the number 25 for the light in cell number 1, then insert the coin into cell number 2. If you do not have an odd coin, you can insert the even coin. The machine will automatically rotate leftover at cell No. 4. The ticket will be issued to you in cell no.3. This ticket must be kept carefully as a coin in City Line.

After swiping the train ticket at the entrance, remember to get your train ticket back before entering the waiting area. Note that look at the signboard to select the right direction of the train to go, then take the stairs up to the Sky Train Bangkok (BTS). When the train arrives, you get out of the train, go down the stairs towards the Exit door and re-insert the entrance ticket automatically to the door. Tickets will be swallowed at this time. BTS operates from 6.30 am to midnight, each trip approximately 3-6 minutes.

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Sukhumvit Lines

In the map, BTS Sukhumvit Sky is green, consisting of stops marked E and N, and connected to the tram line to Suvarnabhumi Airport at Phaya Thai Station (N2). The BTS Sukhumvit stops:

N8 station – Mo Chit : the world’largest weekend market Chatuchak

N3 station – Victory Monument : Ananta Samahom Palace and Vimanmek Mansion Palace

Siam Station – connection point of BTS Sukhumvit and BTS Silom : Siam Pragon shopping center, Central World, MBK.

Silom Lines

In the map, the BTS Silom is dark green, consisting of stops marked S and W. The first point is W1 station, terminal number S6 is next to the Chao Phraya river.

W1 station – National Stadium (near Siam Station) : MBK, Siam Pragon. Central World.

S2 station – Sala Daeng : Patong red light street.

S6 station – SaphanTaksin : Chao Phraya River, Wat Yannawa Temple.

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