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The hostel is a favourite type of accommodation that backpackers all over the world like. Thailand is one of the most attractive shopping destinations in Southeast Asia and the ideal tourist attraction for the young. Accommodation is a very important issue when travelling. Finding a place to stay that is both cheap, safe and convenient is a significant part of the plan of discovering this “country of temples”.

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In Thailand and other countries, the hostel is a very interesting type of accommodation. It is loved by backpackers all over the world because it’s cheap, fun and convenient. Let’s discover the highlight features of hostel

This unique feature of a hostel is the dorm. Each person has their own corner in the room including bed, blanket, pillow and a cupboard with key ( or you have to supply the key yourself). The cost is charged in person per night. If you want to stay in your own company, you can choose the private room. With this type of room, the cost is charged as a room in the hotel

The cheap rate

Normally, if there are no big festivals, you can easily find rooms very favourable prices on popular online booking sites like

If you are planning a trip, try to book early, sometimes if you’re lucky you can get the discount of 70 – 80 percent.


Some hostels offer free breakfast including some simple dishes such as bread, sandwich with milk and cereal. Others offer ice-cream and snacks. You can buy milo or coffee to add to ice-cream to make your dish more delicious.

Boxpackers Hostel, Bangkok (via

Moreover, hostels often supply a fridge that full of chocolate, milk, juice, noodles at the very reasonable price. You can eat at any time because the hostels open all the day.

Some necessary items for women such as hair dryer, towel and even shampoo are sold or free. The hostels also offer washing machine and dryer with reasonable price for backpackers. Just with 50 bahts, you can wash clothes for your group.


An interesting feature of the hostel is sharing information. A lot of useful information about train map, train schedule and must-see attractions is stuck at the hostel. You can read there and even bring them to your own room.

The ex-visitors often leave posters and maps about where they’ve already come. You even read the Bali tourism handbook or an interesting Japanese book in Bangkok.

Some hostels also supply a board at the lobby. Anyone can write their plan on it and invite others to go with. By this way, you can save money and make more friends.

Self- awareness

Staying in a hostel can cultivate your self- awareness. You have to comply with regulations and respect the private life. The hostel is majorly for backpackers who just need a place to rest. They don’t have many belongs, so cleaning the room is quite spare.

Moreover, you share the room with other people, so make sure that your stay is clean, or at least you don’t mess the mutual area.

Fulfill Phuket Hostel (via

Actions such as loudmouthing, laughing, littering, and even “intimacy” should also be restricted when you share a room with strangers.

In the common dining area, plenty of cups, bowls, glasses, and cups are ready for you to use, provided that you have to clean yourself. The food is free so just take your own portion and refrigerate it for later use. It is also a way to keep the beautiful image of the Vietnamese.

You can freely use the fridge in the hostel. You just need to stick your name on your food, unless others will take yours.


Every hostel has a common living area with DVDs, computers, games such as chess and wood drawings … you can play for free with everyone. You have the opportunity to make a lot of international friends, improve your communication skill, and find new partners in your city tours.

Don’t be afraid of your English. Be confident and use your body language as well. Most of the people are friendly.

Tips to choose the comfortable hostel in Thailand:

– You can assure about the safety of the hostel. Or you can get your own clock and send your belongs to the reception when you go out.

– In Thailand, the main means of transport is BST – skytrain, not MRT as in Singapore. Daily package fare cannot be used for both. So, choose the hostel you can walk to the nearest BST station save money and convenient for travelling.

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