What to know about Tet holiday in Thailand


Tet Holiday (Song Kran festival) is the biggest festival in Thailand. Taking part in this festival and splashing water activity with the locals will be unforgettable experiences that you should try once. These are useful information about Tet holiday in Thailand.

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What’s special?

Unlike other countries, Thai people don’t celebrate the new year with firework or lion dance. They welcome the new year with traditional Buddhist rituals and the splashing of water activity with the hope of bringing good luck in the new year.

Tet festival is also known as the Songkran festival. “Songkran” is originated in “Sankranti” meaning change and go ahead. Like Tet holiday in Vietnam, Tet is the longest holiday of the year which lasts for 3 three days.

Like other countries, Thai people have faith and respect for their ancestors. Before Thai New Year, Thai women also clean their houses to prepare for a bright and lucky new year. As part of the belief, the Buddha image is also carefully washed and cleaned to bring good luck to the landlord. Tet is the occasion for the family to gather and perform traditional rituals together at the temple and become closer.

And of course, the most notable thing about Tet is the real battle with water guns and big buckets of water. Splashing water represents for cleaning bad things in the previous year and bring luck for the new year. Thai people think that the more water was splashed, the luckier they get. Therefore, water splashing not only attracts the entire local people but also the visitors.

Songkran festival (via asiabackpackers.com)

When does Thai Tet occur?

The Thai New Year is held annually from April 13th to 15th all over Thailand. And to ensure that everyone can participate in the festival, the three-day event is considered the three-day holiday of Thailand. No one works while the Lunar New Year is happening.

  • 13/4: Maha Songkran day
  • 14/4: Nao Day – the mid day
  • 15/4: the first day of the year

What to know about Tet holiday in Thailand

  • As it is a New Year festival, and because Thailand is a Buddhist country, it is an extremely important part of the ceremony to go to the temple and perform the ritual. Thai people have a habit of going to temples and chanting every morning.
  • Do not pour water directly onto the head of Buddha statues.
  • Pouring water into the hands of older people (over 60 years) symbolizes the respect and expectation of blessings coming to them in the new year.
  • Water used to fall/shoot should be clean water or water mixed with traditional Thai perfumes.

Songkran in temple (via wikipedia)

Tips when you’re in Thailand in Tet holiday

Preparing for water splashing

Remember that once you have participated in the Songkran Festival, you can not help but got wet. During the Tet holiday, everyone is happy to be wet, because water splashes are considered to wash bad things, bad luck to get lucky. The more you get wet, the better you will be.

The best way to immerse yourself in the festival is to equip with a big water gun or bucket of water so you do not have to ask for water from others. And make sure your water gun can shoot well and have large water storage. Good equipment will make your excitement perfect.

Don’t forget to protect your camera

The camera is always a good companion in every trip. Not only does it capture the beautiful scenery in every new heaven you set foot in, the camera also captures the precious and beautiful moments that you will remember forever.
Joining Thai Lunar New Year, if you want to capture the festive moments of local people, make sure your camera is protected against water. Simply put with a waterproof case or a waterproof camera, you’ll get great pictures without damaging your camera.

And similarly, personal identification or other electronic devices such as the phone should be put into plastic bags sealed waterproof.

Avoid crowded street

Large roads are the place for the parade and are always the most crowded. You will not be able to enjoy yourself in the festive atmosphere if you are stuck in a crowd.

Don’t bring valuable things along

Because you do not have to dress too stylishly, carrying expensive jewellery is not a good thing when you join this holiday. Such items are easy to lose at events like this and make sure you do not want to lose them at all.

Except the camera to capture the great moments of the water fight, other valuables should not be carried, if you do not want them to get watery and break down after the festival.

With this useful information, hope that you will have wonderful Songkran festival in Thailand.

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