Celebrating Christmas in Bangkok


Christmas Eve is a big festival which is familiar with all countries over the world. Many people plan their holiday at Christmas. Tourist destinations prepare and open to receive visitors on this occasion. Let’s drop by Thailand to explore Christmas occasion in this country.

>> Enjoy night life in Bangkok

Where to go

In the festivals, especially at Christmas and at the end of the year, Thai people prepare well for parties and festival rituals. That’s why tourists can see the festive atmosphere on busy streets and roads.

Coming to Bangkok at this time, you can spend most of your time walking on the big streets to celebrate the Christmas Eve with friends you never knew but not strange. Streets in Bangkok is where the most exciting events in Thailand occur. Although the Catholic population is very small in Thailand, with so many international tourists, the atmosphere of Christmas in Bangkok is not as vibrant as anywhere in the world.

Bustling Bangkok is more sparkling,  and brilliant on every Christmas Eve. Shopping centres, markets, boulevards or hotels are decorated with thousands of electric lights, pine trees and reindeer … Coming to Bangkok this time, take some time walking around the bustling streets to experience the beauty and the Christmas atmosphere filled with everything.

Christmas in Central World (via contemporarynomad)

What to do on Christmas Eve

Hunting discount

At the end of the year, the stores are exhausted in summer and autumn clothes to import winter leather jacket and sweater … so you can easily hunt for nice bargains. In addition, to increase competition in the year-end shopping season, brands are racing to offer more discounts.

Enjoying roasted chestnuts in Chinatown

Chinatown Bangkok brings us back to Hongkong film scenes in the 1960s and 1970s with old buildings and colourful advertising posters. In the morning, the Sampeng market opens with accessories wholesale. At night, the street is full of Chinese- Thai dishes. You should try seafood and Thai gruel at street vendors with reasonable price. You should not miss the two most famous seafood restaurant here. Watching the street while enjoying delicious food will be an amazing experience here. Along Yaowarat Road, there are many vendors that sell roasted chestnuts.

Chinatown is near the Hua Lampong subway station.

Taking photos at Central World

Big shopping centres are decorated with pine trees in many styles at Christmas but the most majestic one is at Central World. The pine tree here is almost four-floor high, surrounded by fairytale décor with angle, teddy, snow and bells. You can take photos freely here.

You should also visit Terminal 21 shopping centre. This place is designed as an airport. Each floor displays featured architecture model of various places.

Christmas in Bangkok (via youtube.com)

Enjoying the weather

The unusual weather in Bangkok occurs at the end of the year. You cannot know how the weather is like when you wake up in the morning. If the weather is cool, Bangkok will welcome you with a striking street of “Thai cherry blossom”.

In any kind of weather, a cup of hot coffee by the window while watching the sky and scene will be an unforgettable memory on your trip.

Ice skating

Ice skating is a very popular activities of the young in Bangkok. The international standard ice rinks are available at Siam Discovery, Central World, Central Rama 9 and Esplanade which will bring you the amazing feelings. If you like new experiences, wear warm clothes and go ice skating.

Music concert at the park

If you have free time on Sunday afternoon, you can visit Lumpini Park to take part in the free music concert. It is a large park located in the centre Bangkok, near Silom area. You can enjoy the concert and chat with your friends then cycle around the pool. It is surely an amazing experience in Bangkok that you cannot get in tours.

The bars open all night with jubilant, ice cream cake and shimmering candles. Thai people also pour into the crowd into the crowd and shout “Merry Christmas!” with tourists when the clock rings 12 hours.

The jubilant festivities last until New Year’s Eve, the moment of waiting for the first moment of the New Year. The watch is bursting with excitement at the dazzling fireworks. Everyone hugs and give good wishes for the new year to each other.  Bangkok is sparkling, fanciful and lively as the beauty of the people here.

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