Phu Phar Yon National Park

Phu Phar Yon National Park
Phu Phar Yon National Park

Phu Phar Yol National Park is located in Muang Province, Si Suphun Sub-amphur, Tao Ngoi Sub-amphur, Nakae District, Nakhon Phanom Province, and Donglaung District, Khamchaie District, Mukdahan Province. The Phu Phar Yol National Park is one of the five national park’s declarations for 60 years’ celebration of the King’s Birthday on December 5, 1987. The area, about 828.56 squares kilometers or 517,850 Rais, consisting of plateaus alternating with sandstone mountains range, is the source of rivers and habitat for many kinds of animal, and has very beautiful places such as waterfall, cave, cliff, rocky mound, and reservoir.

Phu Phar Yon National Park
Phu Phar Yon National Park

The area covers with undulated mountains and plains. The area is abundant with many types of forest such as : mixed deciduous forest, dry-diptorocarp forest, dry-evergreen forest and hill evergreen forest. There are different wildlife species such as : Asiatic-jackal, barking deer, deer, wild pig and many species of birds.

Phu Pha Yol or Tham Pha Lai
It is a big cliff of Phu Pha Yol mountain range with 200 meters in height on its face there are exist ancient, paintings of various symbols about 3,000 years ago.

Dong Noi Reservoir
is situated in Nakae District, Nakhon Phanom province.

Heep Phupar Nang Cave
is located in Taingoi District, Sakol Nakhon Province.

Huai Huad Reservoir
is located at Tao-ngoy Sub-district, Sakon Nakorn province. At the right of the reservoir there are fascinating rock formations.

Phu Phar Yon National Park
Phu Phar Yon National Park

Kaeng Po Waterfall
From the park’s office on Prem Pattana Road and turn left at Sanvae Village, all is approximately 32 kilometers. Kang Phoe Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall with 14 meters wide and 10 meters high. The area can host camping lover for more than 1,000 persons.

Khum Namsang Waterfall
It is the highest waterfall in the park, about 25 meters high, and 400 meters from the park’s office. Traveler on the dam can see the waterfall in the south and can get there by walking. The water comes from Khum Namsang Stream and goes to Huy Huad Reservoir.

Nern Hin Cliff

Nern Hin Cliff consists of flower plain, which has violet flower such as Dusita, and yellow and white flower on the cliff are a kind of like-orchid flower blossomed in winter.

Phaya Tai Ngoi Cave
Going on the road Baanhuad-Koakklang about seven kilometers, there is a big 5-meter-sandstone boulder looked like a big turtle, called Tao Ngoi, heading to Nam Pung River. Local people believe that, where there is Tai Ngoi, there is productive area.

Prawet Cave

is situated in District, Nakhon Phanom province.

Saowapa Cave

is situated in Taingoi District, Sakol Nakhon Province.

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