The Beauty of Krabi


Located in the South of Thailand, Krabi still retains its unspoiled nature with its secluded islands, blue sea, and coastline with white sands. It’s always ready to welcome visitors. Let’s take a trip to Krabi to see why this place is like the paradise of Thailand.

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How to get there

There are two ways to get Krabi from Bangkok: by airplane and bus.

Airplane: You can choose airlines such as Thai Airways, Air Asia or Nok Air to Krabi. In particular, Air Asia is very popular because there are many promotions. You should follow up on the company’s website to update promotion information, you may be hunting cheap tickets for your journey.

Recently, Air Asia has just launched a connecting service, allowing you to travel from Ho Chi Minh to Krabi and transit at Don Muong Airport. With this new service, you only need one ticket, no transit visa, airport tax exemption at the transit station. Your luggage will be tagged straight to the final destination. Alternatively, you should refer to Asean Pass for the cheapest cost for your trip.From Krabi International Airport you can catch a taxi or other means to get to the center of the city with the distance of 15km.

Bus: It will take 11-12 hours if you take the bus from Bangkok to Krabi. There are many buses every day.

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What to do in Krabi

There are a lot of things waiting you in Krabi- the new paradise of Thailand.

You can take a large canoe or a square wooden boat to admire hundreds of small islands in this Andaman Sea, such as the Chicken Island – a small island shaped like a chicken with clear body and head, or “human’s face” island – shaped like a tilted face or a lot of other islands. These islands look like lying above the blue sea in silence which makes you feel like you are lost in a certain fairy world. It’s a very interesting experience.

Another interesting experience is scuba diving, you have the opportunity to soak in the clear water and spoil the beautiful coral reefs, swim with the colorful fish here.

Swimming in Emerald Pond, Sa Morakot

The only lowland tropical forest in Thailand is located in the Khao Pra Bang Khram biosphere reserve and is also the most biodiversity area in southern Thailand. Sa Morakot Emerald pool is deep in the forest with green nature.

To get there, you have to walk about 1 km through the forest. This is the area that is protected very carefully. You cannot even bring items such as shampoo, conditioner, bath gel … here, motorcycles are also restricted.

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Climbing mountain

The main climbing points are focused in Ton Sai, Railay and Phra Nang, where the limestone cliffs provide an unmatched view of the Andaman Sea. Krabi is a province with a lot of limestone mountains standing along the coast. For the amateur, there are full of safety equipment when you try to climb the mountain in Krabi.


Kayaking is a popular activity for many Westerners when exploring Krabi. They kayak along the rivers, down the Than Bok National Park to explore the archaeological treasures of rudimentary drawings in the cave. There are also many kayak explorers in the Andaman Sea.

Shopping in local markets

There are plenty of markets for in Krabi and two popular night markets with diners in the evening. The night market is also where you can enjoy junk food such as tea, cake and fruit. Besides there are some clothing and souvenirs shops, you can also bring home paintings, jewellery and especially musical instruments of the local people.

Eating and drinking

You should not miss some local dishes such as kaeng som (fish curry) and male phrik kung sot (shrimp fried with chilli powder) when coming to Krabi. Also, you can enjoy in vendors, they sell on the sidewalk from 4 – 5 pm to night and the price is very cheap.

How to travel

Like in Vietnam, motorbike is the best choice to travel around this island. You can hire it for the reasonable price. The taxi here is very strange. It’s red and you can travel around Ao Nang with only 20 baht. You can also travel by tricycle.

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