If you are looking for a getaway trip where you can relax under palm trees and watch tranquil sunsets, Koh Jum is where you...

A tiny island in a National Marine Park in the Andaman Sea in the very south west corner of Thailand, is where you find...
Phetchaburi, Thailand

Location >>Wat Phan Tao in Chiang Mai >>Koh Samui Phetchaburi, locally known as Muang Phetch, is located 160 kilometers south of Bangkok. One of Thailand central region...
Ko Nang Yuan Island

Ko Nang Yuan is a small island located in the Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand where is considered as one of the best snorkelling and driving spots in Thailand.

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia. If you're a photography lover, don't miss these places when travelling to Thailand.

Comprising 9 granite islands covered in tropical jungle, washed by a clear blue tropical ocean and blessed with fine beaches, the Similans are Thailand’s...

Phuket is a cannot-missed destination when travelling to Thailand. There is a theory that Phuket in Thai means mountains and pearls.
Phanom Rung - impressive Khmer temple complex in Thailand

Phanom Rung maybe is the most amazing Khmer architecture site in Thailand. It was constructed in Angkor style during the 10th until the 13th century as a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva.
Death Railway

Death Railway or Burma Railway is not only have transportation function but also is tourist attraction where visitors can learn more about Thailand's history.

With stretching coast in southern Thailand, Trang island has the impressive unspoiled beauty that has still been less-known for visitors. This place owns breathtaking sightseeing which can bring you amazing moments.


Thailand is a Buddhist country with numerous festivals held in a year. Coming here, you should not miss taking part in cultural events such as the lantern festival or monkey buffet festival. There are a lot of traditional festivals held in the last half year.

Christmas is a big festival which is familiar with all countries over the world. Many people plan their holiday at Christmas. Tourist destinations prepare and open to receive visitors on this occasion. Let’s drop by Thailand to explore Christmas occasion in this country.

Tet Holiday (Song Kran festival) is the biggest festival in Thailand. Taking part in this festival and splashing water activity with the locals will be unforgettable experiences that you should try once. These are useful information about Tet holiday in Thailand.

Erawan National Park
Founded in 1975 as Thailands 12th National Park, it is covering an area of km². Located on West Thailand in the Tenasserim Hills of...