Chiang Rai is one of the mosrt attractive destiations in Thailand. This ancient city is home to many beautiful attractions. These are some places that you should not miss when travelling there.

Thailand is home to many beautiful temples. Your trip would be incomplete if you don’t visit temples when travelling to Bangkok.

Lampang is a small town nestled in the middle of the Wang River valley just an hour's drive from Chiang Mai. It has a myriad of beautiful sights and attractions, combining with unforgettable travel experiences in Thailand. As soon as you arrive in Lampang, you will be overwhelmed by the meditation space of the chapel located in Chae Hom inside the Chalermprakiat Temple on the top of Pu Yak Mountain.

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia. If you're a photography lover, don't miss these places when travelling to Thailand.

If you have been to Thailand, you will probably have heard of ancient tranquil capital Ayuttaya, or the peaceful capital of Lamphang, and these are the oldest capital cities in the country. But most of the tourists who come to Thailand are all around BangKok with palaces, temples, shopping malls, or immersed in Pattaya's sun-drenched beach and forget about further destinations, where historical values of bold and traditional Thai.

If you get the chance travelling to Thailand, don't miss Pattaya. With a lot of tourist attractions and things to do, this place is a great destination to spend your holiday.

Pattaya is an ideal place to spend your holiday. This place offers many opportunites to explore the sightseeings and Thai culture as well. These are top attractions that you cannot miss when traveling there.

Pattaya is one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Thailand. There are a lot of things here awaiting you to come and explore.

Hua Hin is an ideal place to spend your holiday with many beatiful and peaceful beaches. Let’s take a trip here and your holiday will be memorable.

Ko Pha Ngan is an island located in the Gulf of Thailand, near two other famous islands: Ko Samui in the south and Ko Tao in the north. The most common way to get to Ko Pha Ngan is to fly from Bangkok to Ko Samui, then take ferry trips to Ko Pha Ngan.


Thailand is a Buddhist country with numerous festivals held in a year. Coming here, you should not miss taking part in cultural events such as the lantern festival or monkey buffet festival. There are a lot of traditional festivals held in the last half year.

Christmas is a big festival which is familiar with all countries over the world. Many people plan their holiday at Christmas. Tourist destinations prepare and open to receive visitors on this occasion. Let’s drop by Thailand to explore Christmas occasion in this country.

Tet Holiday (Song Kran festival) is the biggest festival in Thailand. Taking part in this festival and splashing water activity with the locals will be unforgettable experiences that you should try once. These are useful information about Tet holiday in Thailand.

Erawan National Park
Founded in 1975 as Thailands 12th National Park, it is covering an area of km². Located on West Thailand in the Tenasserim Hills of...