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Khao San Street is always the first place people think when talking about the nightlife in Bangkok.The price of beer is reasonable. The atmosphere is always bustling and everybody is very happy, it is easy to meet new friends. But not everyone loves heavy drinking glasses, hippy clothes or nightly tourist drunk in Bangkok.We will introduce you to more exciting places to enjoy a true night in Bangkok.

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When you ask a Thai about where to take a night walk in Bangkok, maybe you will get the answer that you should go to RCA. This is the paradise of street parties, it is also called Royal Avenue. And you will find yourself a club that fits the different music genres for you. Night clubs in Thailand are slightly different from clubs in Vietnam. Instead of having a big dance floor, the club here often has lots of tables and benches and you will enjoy the night party with your own “group” (including drinks!).

This grand Route 66 is always crowded with locals and foreign visitors. You’ll find music rooms with hip-hop, house and techno music! Also at the famous Onyx you can also organize an interesting party, surely you will come here if you are an EDM enthusiast. Live RCA is more international style, almost every weekend there are international DJs or an indie-rock band performing on stage.

RCA is outside the center so it’s best to get there by taxi.

Live RCA (via bangkok.com)

Thong Lor

Let’s wear your best clothes when you come to Thonglor to be admired by others. Celebrities in Bangkok, youngsters and high-income foreign visitors often come here for dinner, for a walk or a dance. Prices in Thonglor are higher than in other parts of the city, so a stroll around the night is not cheap, but definitely a memorable experience. Do you often go to clubs where Ferraris and Porsches often come?

Start your night in Bangkok at one of the luxurious cocktail bars in the area. The favorite place is the Iron Fairies, which is an attractive place because dozens of fairy steps will take you to different levels and mysterious corners. The cocktails here are delicious! And Rabbit Hole also can not be ignored when you come to this mysterious bar in Bangkok, which is a combination of cocktails with the most exotic ingredients (such as white truffle). You determine the location first, because this bar does not hang the sea outside. In addition, there are other attractive bars such as Backstage Bar, J Borowski Mixology, Badmotel and 17th Street.

If you’re ready to dance, you can choose from dozens of clubs in this area. Well known for its funky Villa and Demo at Soi 10, it is fascinated by its techno / house style and live music. EDD DND Club (Do Not Disturb) is one of the favorite places of most Thai people.


Silom (via the culturetrips.com)

You will find something for everyone in colorful Silom. Next to the night market, every night here becomes a shopping mall and you will find clubs for LGBTs, mysterious pubs, in-house bars, and hundreds ones. At first glance, Silom looks very much like Khao San Road, but you will find many other surprises. Narrow labyrinth-shaped narrow streets and you’ll discover mysterious legendary bars like The Old Office Office and Place Wong’s.

Or you can visit Maggie Choo very fashionable under the Novotel Silom. You go through a small door and enter the Shanghai world of the twenties. Let’s visit the specialty Chesterfields and sip cocktails in the live jazz or to the surprise. In contrast to Maggie Choo, you’ll find Craft with great beers or Whisgars with whiskeys.

Do you like night parties in Bangkok on high? Check out the great bars on the rooftop of Silom. The most famous of course is the Sky Bar which is located at the top of the Lebua Hotel. Let’s take a snapshot here, surely it will be worth your journey! But do not expect a great party here. You do not want to pay $ 15 for each cocktail and enjoy some light music, go to Cloud 47, it will be a suitable choice for you. Here the space is great, reasonable price in the dance music will bring you an exciting feeling for the night walk.

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